Quality and Environment

The highest standards in quality, work-related safety, and protection of the environment

In Kemipol, guaranteeing purity and quality in every product goes hand-in-hand with the highest attention to all production processes and procedures which not only abide to the strictest regulations, but also work in accordance with the company’s mission on sustainability.

The highest attention is given to the technological structure of the plants, to safety and to the workers’ training in every department, in accordance with the national and international regulations on production and storage of raw materials and semifinished products.

A constant monitoring and the daily improvement of the business processes UNI EN ISO 14001 certified place Kemipol well ahead among all the company in the sector as far as environmental responsibilities and the development of eco-friendy products and solutions are concerned.


Gestione Qualità

UNI EN ISO 14001

Gestione Ambientale

UNI EN ISO 18001

Gestione Salute e Sicurezza del Lavoro