• Linea Diluenti

KR Universal additive for thinners suitable for slowing down evaporation in adverse weather conditions.

K6 Designed to obtain a balanced evaporation as well as a high-quality application and smoothness of glossy and prestige finishes.

K5 Excellent quality and maximum safety product, thanks to an aromatic compoundfree formula.

K4 Designed for especially adverse or hot weather conditions.

K3 Slow-evaporation thinner, which gives vibrancy and great application.

K2 Balanced-evaporation thinner, suitable for polyurethane-based paint or furniture interiors. It guarantees excellent results.

K1 Suitable for polyurethane primer and finishes thinning, both mono and bicomponents in metal, furniture, musical instruments, and wood painting.

Conf. Lt. 5 • 25 • 200 • 1000
Pz. conf. 4 x 5

K2/K3 Conf. Lt. 1 • 5 • 25 • 200 • 1000
Pz. conf. 20 x 1• 4 x 5