Kemipol: high-performance
solvents and thinners

With a network counting over 2000 clients in Italy and abroad, we are now a benchmark for industry specialists.
Thanks to a vast and punctual distribution network, Kemipol is everywhere, guaranteeing experience, reliability and safety.

The environmentally friendly
universal thinner

Green Thinner is the revolutionary ecological plant-based thinner, perfect both as a multipurpose thinner and as a solvent for brushes cleaning.
The latest generation of Green Thinner meets the highest safety standards, being completely non-toxic during the application and for the environment.

A new life
for your wood

This Kemipol protective impregnating product for wood is particularly resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays. It helps prevent mold, fungi, and algae while enhancing the natural grain of the wood. It is suitable for treatments in both internal and external environments, always ensuring an excellent result and seal.

The Kemipol product line
dedicated to hygiene and safety

Focus on

Kemipol’s wide range of products is constantly expanding, thanks to the addition of new formulas and products aimed at enhancing the performance and quality of every job

ISO 14001

Environmental consciousness

Kemipol focuses its activity on the respect for the highest environmental safety standards, along with the consistent research and development of environmentally friendly formulas and solutions